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Name: Lundi
Born: 13 th March 1960

What does he do?

Tour Guide at Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum (Former Khmer Rouge S-21 Prison)

Where did we meet him?

On Christmas eve 2007 we visited the Tuol Sleng Museum . We were all a bit apprehensive to visit the museum and the Killing Fields but we wanted to get a feeling of the horror that took place in this country not too long ago. We were fortunate enough to meet someone who lived through these years and took the time to explain the pain the he and many other Cambodians carry to this day.


His story.....

He was 15 years old when the Khmer Rouge swept to power. Lundi explains that from the outset the regime targeted the intellectual class and place whole families in detention and forced labour camps around the country. He ended up in one of these camps. He explained the pain of having to work 18 hour days in the blazing sun with very little to eat at the end of the day. Every new day began with the prospect of it being the last as the guards indiscriminately shot or bludgeoned workers to death for the smallest mistake. As he showed us around the museum we could clearly see the pain in his voice as he described the way babies, children and women were tortured to death. When asked if he escaped. He says "I didn't escape, I survived".


Lundi is now married and lives in Phnom Penh , his wife also carries the scars of war as here whole family was decimated during the reign. He says they find comfort in each others pain. He says he works at the museum to teach other of the horrors that happened to the 2 million of his fellow countrymen so that it never happens again.