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Name: Toh, Boun & Tak
From Green Discovery Laos

What do they do?

They all work for Green Dicovery Laos, officially the best adventure tour company in Laos…. Due to the guides!!

Where did we meet them?

We met Boun first, as when we arrived in Pakse we wanted to do a trek. We sat down in his office and had a chat about a few of the regular tours. In the end he said that they were doing a company expedition which was leaving the next day…. 3 days of trekking and sleeping in the jungles. Need he say more…. We signed up! Toh joined us on the expedition which we aptly named Expedition One More Hour.

We were so happy with the tour that we came back and booked another tour this time to go kayaking down the Mekong towards the 4000 islands. Tak was the guide this time as he lead us all the way down the Mekong and even sneaked us into Kampuchea for a while.

Their story....

They have all worked for Green Discovery for many years, Toh & Boun being 2 of the most senior members of the team. Toh now handles all training of guides and also interfaces with officials from the forestry department and members of local villages to educate and involve the in eco tourism initiatives. He is married and is now based in Vientiane. We met up with him again in the Vientiane office for a chat and to get more info of our ride plans.

Boun is now the manager of the Pakse office and lives with his wife and daughter there. He now has many administrative duties and he told us he misses being out in the wild kayaking, rafting and trekking. Nowadays he only goes out when there are expeditions. We really enjoyed his company during the expedition and he went out of his way to make our stay in the jungle as ‘comfortable’ as it could be. It is also worth mentioning that he is a great cook in the jungle…. He made us a feast every night.

Tak manages the Dongdet office most of them time and when he is not he spends the rest of the time on tours or in the Pakse office. He used to work in Vang Vieng with Toh and is experienced in kayaking and rafting. He has a girlfriend in Vientiane who he plans to marry soon. He is from the Vientiane province and he spoke a lot about boat races and his life when he was young. On our last day in Dongdet Tak went out with the kayak to fish. All he uses are goggles and a rudimentary spear gun. He takes a deep breath and waits underwater for a fish to come into sight. He caught 2 which which the restaurant cooked up for us and Mikael, Kat and me enjoyed every bit of it.

Kat and me have both said that we would love to go back one day and do more tours with Green Discovery and meet up with our friends.