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Name: Sandrine
From: Britanny, France

Name: Kevin Driscoll
From: Salford, Greater Manchester, England (He supports the scum MU……)

What do they do?

Today they both live in Aspen, Colorado, one of the most popular ski town resorts in the world. Sandrine is an artist and also does interior decorating of homes. Kevin meanwhile specializes in the installation and maintenance of high end home audio equipment. Currently they are on a 4 month trip around Asia.

Where did we meet them?

We met on the cargo boat that took us from Ha Tien to Phu Quoc island. This was supposed to be the boat ride to hell where we got ambushed by pirates and got raped and murdered, so it was good to see two other foreign faces at the harbour.

Their story…......

They met on a trekking trip in Nepal in the early 90’s and obviously fell in love. At this time Kevin had already been living in Aspen. He moved to US in the mid eighties to seek employment as there was a recession in Britain. He was in California for a while doing odd jobs where amongst other things had a gun pulled at his head!! He ended up in Aspen after meeting some people and moved there permanently.  So Kevin invited Sandrine to visit him in Aspen and she did never for a moment thinking that she would end up living there for the rest of her life!

They are now married and make their living in Aspen, where many of the rich and famous keep holiday homes. They obviously enjoy the skiing and spend most skiing seasons there. Its works for them as it gives them a chance to travel the world and they have traveled quite a bit in Africa, South America and Asia.

We had a wonderful week on Phu Quoc island together. Once off the boat Kevin, Sandrine, Koos, Ilona and us all got rooms in the same hotel on long beach. That first night we all exchanged stories and really cliqued as a group. The rest of the week was spent lazing on the beach, exploring the island and doing boat trips and we boys went diving one morning. We also got very very drunk on Kevin’s dodgy Gordon’s gin one night and we all have roaring hangovers the next day. Obviously this is the day we go on the boat trip and we all felt quite rotten. After a week we all traveled to Rach Gia together and from there we split up in different directions.

Now we have another place we definitely have to visit on that tour of the Americas.