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Name: Mikael Jäderberg
Age: Mid 20's
From: Sweden

What does he do?

Traveling around Asia at the moment but he works for an oil & gas contractor in Norway .

Where did we meet him?

After enjoying our trek through the Laos jungles and the good company of the Green Discovery guides, we decided to get a days rest after booking ourselves on a kayaking trip down the Mekong to Si Phan Dhon which is a cluster of 4000 islands in the Mekong river between Laos & Thailand . Mikael was also booked to go on this trip so we met him in the Green Discovery Pakse office and ended up spending the next 4 days with him & Tak weaving our way through the Mekong .

His story....

He was born in northern Sweden which is one of the least populated places in Europe , a harsh but beautiful landscape of snow, ice and pine forests. Over the last few years he has been working in Norway . He explains the excess of funds in the industry when they handed projects out. Rarely blinking an eye about the cost, he was even still carrying a mobile phone that was given to him by the company which he has been using on roaming for the past few months…. And he doesn't even work for them anymore!! He was really great company and we shot our first rapids together, Mikael and me paired up and we lasted all of 3 seconds on the kayak before tipping the kayak over and tumbling through the rapids like we were in a washing machine.


We taught Mikael & Tak how to play Choi Tai Ti and spent most of our free time playing that and drinking good old Beer Lao. He was going to Malaysia next so I told him to meet up with some of our friends in KL. Hope he has a blast!