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Name: Michelle Asher
Date of Birth: 26.03.1979
From: New Jersey

What does she do?

Michelle is a psychologist and accupuncturist. She is on a quest to study alternative theraphy and meditative techniques.

Where did we meet her?

We were on our way back from dinner in Mae Sai at the northern most point in Thailand. On the way we met someone asking for a place to eat. We just presumed it was another hippie type traveller. Later we saw her in our guesthouse and started chatting. Turned out she was going across the border to Burma as well so we decided to go across  together. It was the beginning of a great friendship.

Her story....

Michelle is a jersey girl. Her dad is from England and her mum jewish. She came to Asia looking for spiritual enlightenment.

She spent her first few months in a Burmese monastery before coming to Thailand and staying at a retreat in Chiang Mai. After this she needed to do a visa run and this is when we bumped into each other in Mae Sai. We spent a couple of lovely days in Kengtung together before parting ways and she promised to come to Malaysia to visit. Turns out it is easier to get a 3 month Burmese meditation visa in Malaysia so we arranged to meet up in Phuket after our liveaboard dive trip with Ganesh & Manuel. From Phuket we caught the bus with Manuel & Michelle to KL where she spent 3 nights.

My mum and her instantly hit it off as they are both on the same spiritual wavelenght. They spent hours talking about meditation, books, crystals and the like. She even came out partying with us one night in Bangsar and woke up the next day having dreamt of the Buddha.

After her trip back to Burma she went back to New Jersey for a while before returning to Thailand where she is staying on a farm in Chiang Mai.