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Name: Khamsing
Date of Birth: 5 th June 1978
From: Laos but lives in Alaska now!

What does he do?

He is an Electrical Engineer who works with an oil contractor maintaining the long Alaskan pipeline

Where did we meet him?

We met him at Skyline Eco-resort close by to Lak Sao, where we had stopped for the night on our way to the Kong Lor caves. When we had first got there we were the only ones there so we had a beer and went back to our room to rest. When we came out an hour later there was a group of people singing karaoke and having beers at one of the tables in the restaurant. I got to talking to Sing as he likes to be called and next thing you know we are sucking on squirrel paws for dinner. We would end up spending the whole Lao New Year with Sing and his family in the village he grew up in.

His story....

Sing was born in Laos but his family migrated to America when he was 16. He told me how on his first day of school he could not speak a word of English and how hard it was to adapt to his new surroundings. Today he speaks with a typical American drawl. About 3 years ago he came back to Laos for the first time and so started his relationship with Poui whom he met through a friend. He explains how she was really shy in the beginning…. like all Lao girls are and for the first year all they ever did was talk on the phone. A few more trips back to Laos and the relationship blossomed to the point where just before we met him he asked for her hand in marriage. They plan to start a life in America soon. Good luck with the Alaskan winter Poui!!


Sing invited us to spend Sabadii Pi Mai with him which is the Lao New Year. We dropped the bikes off in his friends place and we hopped in his van to go to his village north of Vientiane . The next 3 days we spent in a very WET and drunken stupor, playing lots of the Vietnamese game, which we found out was a slight variation to Cho Tai Ti. The two nights we stayed in the village were really special and we are so thankful to Sing and his whole extended family for making us feel so at home and welcomed. Again we have met someone whom I know we will have a lasting friendship with. See you soon Khamsing!