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Name: Justice Boyd
Age: 50’s
From: California, USA. But he has made the hill town of Bao Loc Vietnam his home.

What does he do?

Justice currently gives private tutoring in English to Vietnamese who are eager to pick up the language. He also volunteers his time to the local hospital as he is a medical therapist.

Where did we meet him?

We met him in the hotel lobby of our hotel in Bao Loc. We were getting our bikes together to go to Dambri Falls when Justice introduced himself to me. When he heard that we were off to the waterfalls he said he will join us for the ride.

He found us actually. Over the Tet break we were cleaning our bikes in our hotel lobby. Jim came up and started talking to Kat. He had landed in Saigon about 2 weeks earlier with his bike all boxed up but when he arrived and saw the traffic he chickened out and left the bike in the box…… until he met us that is.

His story....

Justice is originally from California. Three years ago he left his home to come live in Bao Loc. He had been coming to Vietnam to travel and found Bao Loc to be a pleasant location to live in. Indeed it was, Bao Loc was very serene with hardly any traffic about plus it was not too hot and not too cold either.

One of the reasons he came out here was because of his faith. He is a Bahai. Born a Catholic, he always had questions that organized religion could not answer. He found out about the teachings of the Bahai faith and in them he found many of the answers he was seeking. He has three grown up sons, the youngest of which he hopes will join him in Vietnam soon.

He is an avid cyclist, I think that’s why he was so glad to meet us and so eager to come join us for the ride. He invited us for dinner that night and we had a wonderful time with some of his students. We went for a nice Vietnamese dinner and chatted till late. Justice tried to get us to stay anther day but we were eager to set off for the long ride to Dalat.

It was really nice to meet Justice. He helped us out with useful information and was very hospitable and accommodating by introducing us to his students and friends. As we said goodbyes that morning we left I invited him to come visit us in Malaysia, Philippines or India. I hope he takes me up on that offer one day.