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Name: Derek & Ursula Gibbings
Date of Birth: 9th & 7th of May respectively…. Taureans like us!
From: Torquay, England

What do they do?

They are both retirees who enjoy cycling around the world.

Where did we meet them?

When we arrived in Hoi An we went straight for lunch. As we were paying our bill we noticed 2 people admiring our bikes so I went to say hi! We ended up having dinner together the next 2 nights and rode out together to My Son the next day

Their story....

Ursula was born in the East End of London where she grew up. During her first marriage she lived in Mexico and had 2 kids. In the 90’s she returned to England where she met Derek. She used to be a Spanish language teacher. Derek on the other hand worked with fine tuning car engines all his life. It was a job his father passed to him which he did for the rest of his life. He was also previously married and has a son. Derek used to play in junior Wimbledon during his younger days and they are avid cyclist.

This was their first trip to Asia and they came a little unprepared to be honest. When we met them they were about 2 weeks into their trip in Vietnam and they still didn’t have a proper map. They had not enjoyed their cycling so far as the weather was either too hot or traffic too busy on the main roads they were sticking to. On the night we said our goodbyes we gave them our Vietnam travel Atlas which we bought in Saigon. We were happy to part with it as we knew they would definitely use it more than we did and we really wanted them to enjoy the rest of their stay here in Asia. We hope to see them soon in England where we hope to do some cycling together.