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Name: Chimey
Date of Birth: 1979 sometime…… he really isn’t sure!
From: Trashigang, Eastern Bhutan

What does he do?

He is a tourist guide.

Where did we meet him?

To enter Bhutan you need an authorized tourist guide to be with you at all times. So when we started looking for one we started googling and came across a few numbers. The first one Kat called turned out to be a wrong number. The person on the line, a woman called Tschoki was very nice about it and in perfect English told Kat to call back in 5 mins. She had a friend that was a tourist guide and she would get the number for us. So Kat called back and was given Chimey’s number. We ended up selecting Chimey as he wanted to cycle with us. Great!

His story....

Chimey comes from Trashigang province in eastern Bhutan near a small village called Ramjar. After his studies he applied for a job in the ultra-luxury Aman Resorts. After working there for a few years he decided to become a free agent and opened up his own company which has been running for almost 2 years now. He was very prompt with his answers when communicating with him and from the time he picked us up in Phuntsholing to when he dropped us off in Samdrup Jongkar 9 days later the hospitality he showed us was simply amazing. He’s a proud father now and is settled down in the beautiful town of Paro. Towards the end of our trip he even took us to his mum’s sisters place in Ramjar where we spent a night in a typical Bhutanese village. We visited all the neighbours who offered us lots of aras and where then treated to a sumptuous feast of chilli cheese and dried beef. At night most of the village came by to offer us more ara and to look at the curious visitors. We were sad to say good bye to Chimey & Benjur our driver when they finally left Sandrup Jongkar and left us alone with the bikes again. He has invited us back and we definitely want to go back and explore more of that truly unique country.

If any of you would like to visit Chimey and Bhutan…

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