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Mr. Ed Aussie/Kiwi
Rudolph, German
Bruno, German

Name: Ngujen Hoai Bao
Age: 29

Name: Rudolph, German
Age: 62

Name: Mr. Ed Aussie/Kiwi
Age: 60s

What do they do?

Sit down every evening at Bruno`s boat hire shop by the Tonle Sap river to have a few beers.

Where did we meet him?

We needed a way out of Cambodia as our visas were expiring fast so we decided to get a boat from Phnom Penh to Chao Doc. After a few inquiries at other agents I found the source and the guys that actually run the boats. Bruno offered us a good price that included putting our bikes on board for free and he also organized Kat`s visa into Vietnam. After organizing the tickets I had a beer with them while waiting for Kat to finish her `Monkey Run`. The next day I took Kat back to meet them and have more beers.

Their story.....…..

Bruno came to Cambodia 2 years ago and has never gone back, partly due to the fact that he is broke and can`t get a ticket out. It does not seem to bother him too much, as he lives with his business partner and `brother` Mr. Naradith. He does have a Cambodian wife that he met on the Thai border at Koh Kong. The story is that when he lost all his money, he left Koh Kong and Mr. Naradith took him in. So he started work in Phnom Penh while his wife was in Koh Kong. At some point she came to visit him but during the journey she was killed in a road accident. Or so he was told! 8 months later his wife turns up, saying that she fabricated the story as she was pregnant with his son. Eventually he finds out that even this is not true! So here he is sipping beers by the Mekong waiting for his wife to come home to him. He insist that he will accept here with open arms when she finally comes back one day……

Mr. Ed is a half Kiwi half Aussie who has spent the last 4 years roaming Asia from his base in Phnom Penh. He used to run a farm in New Zealand growing organic vegetables. He told us a great story about a time when he was in Ha Tien and he was walking the back alleys when he came across an old woman who was gazing at him intently with suspicion. Scared that he was in trouble he gives her a half smile. She immediately latches on to his hand and pulls him into her little shack and gestures for him to sit down. She then gets her son or grandson to bring down a great big suitcase that she opens. Its full of old bits and bobs and she pulls out and old photograph of a beautiful Vietnamese woman with a Caucasian looking army officer. Through all this she is saying many things and keeps on gesturing towards him but he obviously can`t understand a word. From what he could gather the woman thought that he was the man in the picture. She probably thought that she had found her long lost love! There truly would have been an amazing story behind it all. Kat want to go back in a year or twos time and find out what happens!

Rudolph is a German who is traveling through Asia. He has spent the last 2 months in Cambodia and goes back to Germany in March. We are still a bit unsure of what he does for a living though he did mention he had a bar in Philippines once. That brings us to the story of his wife. Rudolph, from what we gathered spent a lot of time of his life in the Philippines and obviously ended up having a wife there. Well this particular Filipino actually tried to kill him with a knife! But alas… the wound was not fatal and he is sitting in the hospital. His wife comes there and he asks her “Why did you try to kill me honey” to which she replies “Because I love you so much dear”. Well there you go, we probably should have got the story of what happened before his wife tried to kill him.

We ended up having a really nice dinner with Rudolph. He took us for the best baked fish with cucumber sauce at a place called Hotel Indo Chine 2, really close to the Malaysian restaurant we went to. We bought him dinner and the next morning before we left for Vietnam he invited us for breakfast and Bruno and him gave us a good send off from Cambodia.