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  SUBANG JAYA!   |  18.01.2009

So yesterday was such a lovely day. We went to have lunch with Nana and spent a lovely 5 hours with her. We really wanted to spend the night with her but Uncle Rajoo had arranged for Ahilesh to meet with his work people before they all flew back to their respective countries so instead we went for dinner in Port Dickson. What that meant then was that we arranged to have breakfast this morning with Nana. We arrived bright and early while it was still dark. We had a full send off from uncle Rajoos house as Uncle, auntie, Maureece, T yreece and the 2 maids were up to wave us off! When we got to N anas she had been busy preparing breakfast as we sat round chatting to her while stuffing our faces. Just before we left we posed for a few photos and then we were on our way. I couldn't believe it...I was sort of hyperventilating as we set off. Half with excitement, half with nerves. I feel like I have hardly slept this last week. My brain has been so full with thoughts about the trip ending....and now the day is finally here.

It is 80kms from S eremban to S ubang and its all boring highway. Of course there is an old road but that would have significantly added to our mileage and at this stage we were just wanting to get back. The sun was hardcore and we found we were dehydrating as we cycled. We stopped so often to sip our drink and we soon ran out of liquids. This meant we had to stop at the Dengkil service station to top up. We got a drink and Ahilesh munched on a nasi lemak, then we set off. We only had 15kms left to go...so literally the final leg of the journey...

....and then....

...Ahilesh gets a puncture!!! We cycle for ten thousand kilometres around 12 countries in A sia and 15 kms from the end point he gets a puncture! I couldn't believe it! Only hours before we had been bragging how the tyres had lasted u s all year! Theres nothning like a bit of drama in the last few k ilometres . Ahilesh didn't want to take the time to change the whole tyre as that would have take n ages. Instead he hoped it was a slow puncture and just pumped it up. Of course it wasn't as slow as he had hoped and we had to stop 4 more times in those last few kms to re - pump it! We just kept giggling at the drama and how it just had to happen so close to the end.

As we cycled down USJ 3/1 I felt so emotional. It felt like it was only yesterday that I was wobbling down the road on Kit for the first time. And here I am...more than a year later with all these wonderful experiences behind me. Sure the year was hard for me but that's what m ade it special. I gritted my teeth along the way and never gave up and for my perseverence I have a life time of memories with my partner. We held hands as we cycled down the road. As we got close to the house Ahilesh's parent came out and his sister Regina to greet us and then the surprise was that some others were there to greet us too! Most special of was seeing Ashanya for the first time and seeing how big Ethan had grown since July and seeing S uba with her baby bump!. We had a lovely welcoming back party with my favourite iddyappam and sothy. It was all quite overwhelming actually to see so many people to welcome us back. I think its going to take a bit of time to adjust back into everyday life but for now I am going to bask in the glory that we did it.... We completed Worldwind..... And what a Worldwind it was.

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