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  Muar  |  15.01.2009

We didn't make the same mistake twice and we were up early and setting off at first light which is 7am. I got an ok sleep cos I was dog tired last night but Ahilesh was pestered by mosquitos and so he was feeling tired still. But the early morning cool air put us in good spirits...albeit for only an hour or so as by 9am it was roasting!

The road to Muar is in good shape and we sped along really fast since we had a deadline to meet. We had arranged to stay with ahilesh's cousin Dyanan and his lunch break was from 12 till 2. It was still a 88km ride to Muar! Its not so much fun having such a tight schedule but it seems that this is what our Malaysia leg is going be like as we rush to meet our deadline on being back in subang by the 18th. To make it worse there were some funny strong winds flying around and of course they had to be head winds which made everything 10 times harder!

As we cycled into Muar we found Dyanan waiting for us at the petrol station in the middle of town. As we cycled round the roundabout to meet him we saw he was busy taking photos of us which was a lovely way to greet us...it was like we were celebrities! We then followed Dyanan behind his car to his apartment. When we were close by I saw s o me crazy Chinese man who was shouting to himself and wa v ing his arms about like a looney. As Ahilesh cycled past him he went even more bonkers and he took the plastic pipe in his hand and whacked poor Ahilesh across the back with it! I couldn't believe how hard he had done it and it shocked me. This wasn't a n encouraging pat to help you on your wa y ...this was a real whollop :( I realised this guy was nuts and I gave him a wide berth as I cycled past. Ahilesh said it hurt but thankfully there isn't a bruise or anything broken. Honestly...we travel for 1 year and don't meet any shady characters and then in malaysia someone pops out and assaults Ahilesh!

Anyway that incident aside... Dyanan, Janani and their son kumaraguru have made us feel so welcome and it is wonderful to have such a lovely home to relax in after the dump we stayed in last night!

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