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  Langkawi!  |  10.07.2008

Today has been one hectic day....

I woke up at 6am (which was no easy thing since I only went to bed at 1am) and was out the house driving MYSELF to the airport since my darling fiance couldn't be bothered to wake up and drop me off. My left on time and I landed in Lankawi at 9am. Since I didn't have any luggage I was the first one to arrive at the hire car counter. The guys didn't seem to want to haggle with me much but I think I still got an ok deal. I got a Proton Wira for the whole day for 50rm which is not bad. As I got in the car I suddenly realised it was a manual...not that it is a problem because I used to only drive manual cars...but I knew it was going to take a bit of time to get used to using my left foot again! I went and put 20rm of petrol in the car and then made my way to Pantai Cenang for breakfast at Beach garden Resort. This is my Mum and Aunty irene's favourite place and I went back for nostalgias sake. The breakfast there is amazing (and mega expensive) but I wanted to start my busy day off on the right note! I ordered a bread basket which is full of gorgeous different breads and a cup of coffee and then I got down to business. I started to make phone calls to all the hotels in the area to either reconfirm an appointment I had already made or to make an appointment with the F&B managers. Once I had my day sorted I jumped in the car and zipped off to my first appointment. I am not going to go into detail about where I went and who I met up with because I am not going to give ANYTHING   away about the big day! All I can say is that I drove over 130 kms whilst on the small island, so I can confidently say I have covered all bases!

At 7pm I rolled up to the airport and reluctantly gave the car back. Its not that I was feeling so attached to the rust bucket - it was just that I had been so busy all day that I had not had chance to eat any lunch or dinner and I had been hoping to nip to red tomato garden for a nice pasta dish before I left back to KL. Obviously that didn't happen so I checked in for my flight with my stomach grumbling. As I checked in I received the worse news I could get at that precise moment...the fight was delayed by 2 hours :( if only I had known that I could have made the 10 minute drive back to Cenang for my pasta :( instead I made a call to   guy called Nasha Hashim who is a wedding planner in langkawi. My mum had found great reviews of his work on the internet and I had emailed him to tell him I was coming. Unfortunately because I was so busy all day with appointmnts I had not been able to meet him...but since my flight was delayed I called him to see if he was free. He arrived 30 minutes later and we both sat in starbucks having a coffee and chatting like we had known each other for years! Nasha is so easy going and friendly and his design ideas are out of his world. I spoke to him about some of my ideas and he instantly came up with other ideas just off the top of his head which really excited me. He also showed me some photos of his work which looked amazing.   I said goodbye to Nasha and went to go through only to hear that the flight was delaed further :( by the time I heard the announcement I was already through security and there was no turning back or else I could have stayed and chatted some more with nasha.

I finally boarded at 10.30pm and was back in KL by 11.30pm. I wearily got into the car and cursed Lesh the whole way back for not dropping me off this morning. I was so tired that even eating my bak kut teh   dinner that Lesh brought back for me was hard work.   Today was very productive but unbelievably tiring....but the exciting thing is we know what venue we want for the wedding!!!

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