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  Kuala Lumpur  |  14.07.2008

I knew there was absolutely no chance of me writing the blog for yesterday or the day before . Satur day was not so busy apart from the fact that Manuel left to start his travels around Malaysia. He had seemed to have had enough of KL life and was desperate to leave. We tried to persuade him to stay just one more night since it was going to be a fun one with Fareidoon but h e was determined to leave for Malacca. So we said goodbye to him which was a bit of an end of an era. We have spent quite a bit of time with manuel a n d I now consider him a very good friend and certainly a highlight of Worldwind. We have spent time with him in Burma, Thailand and Malaysia and certainly when you live with someone you get to know them a lot more! He is a great guy and although I am not sure if we will ever meet up again, I know we will certainly keep in touch. Hope you have fun around Malaysia Manuel!

In the afternoon we made a quick trip to Rawang to visit Aunty Susie and Uncle Chelvam. They moved there around the time we started on worldwind. Their new house is absolutely gorgeous and actually Rawang is not a far as we expected! We stayed and talked to them for 4 hours and had a lovely lunch with them and Roshan. From Rawang we made our way back to KL and started to make plans for the big night out. We decided to break with tradition and get everyone to meet in Subang instead of Bangsar. Plus I really wanted to go to the new club called Euphoria which has jus t opened at Sunway Pyramid. I heard an advert

for it on the radio the other day and the music sounded amazing so I was determined to get everyone there. Of course that is no easy thing when Kumaran CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) does not want to go there! Anyways we made plans to get everyone to subang which was half the battle! Fareidoon and Christophe were driving up from singapore and they arrived not long after Bosco, Suba and Vicky. And so the party started. We managed to polish off 2 of Lesh's dads bottles of whiskey and a half bottle of tanduay as we waited for Kumaran, Shalini, Ramanan, Ramya and Dinish to arrive. Everyone finally turned up at 11.30pm some 4 hours later than the time the first lot arrived (no wonder we got through so much booze while waiting for them.) There were still complaints about going to Euphoria but Fareidoon had put his foot down and was determined we were going! He had even called ahead and demanded that they save us a table as he was a vip from MOS Singapore!! When we got to the club there was no queue which was one of Kumaran's worries. We opted not to buy any bottles as they were riddiculously priced at 420rm each! We just paid the 50rm cover charge and bought our own drinks. When we walked in the music was awesome from the start. The club is really big and it was n't packed at all. Straight away we got down to some serious boogying on the dancefloor. There are 2 more rooms downstairs that play rnb and 80's cheese but we   stayed in the main room where the dj played Ministry Of Sound (MOS) pumping house. Well alls I will say is that I thought t h e club was brilliant and nearly everyone agreed with me! Everyone thought it was nice t o have a change of scenery rather than frequenting the same old same places. The after party for a change happened in subang which gave Boscos poor neighbours a rest and a peaceful nights sleep for once!

So Sunday was spent chilling out with Fareidoon and Christophe until they had to leave back for Singers. Th at evening we got ready for Easan and Anju's wedding reception. Ramanan and Ramya decided to come with us rather than having to drive all the way to Nilai themselves. Ramya looked gorgeous in a cream saree and I looked space aged in my ao dai which I got tailored in Vietnam. I am so happy I have had an opportunity to wear it. I got lots of compliments too and I was surprised that so many people recognised it was an ao dai.

From the reception we went to the airport to pick up Woody who flew in from philippines. Unfortunately his flight was delayed and he only came out at 1.15am which is a bummer when you are so tired from a big night partying the night before. Lesh was a hero and drove back while I slept in the back. As soon as we reached home I crashed out for a well earned sleep!

Today Lesh has been busy in a meeting with woody and Uncle Rajoo and I have just been trying to get sorted for our flight on Wednesday. I can't believe our time back in KL seems to be finishing so quickly :(

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