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  Kuala Lumpur  |  11.07.2008

Not much has happened today except for the fact that I have had a hair cut!! HOORAY!!! When I went in to see William I think I really shocked him....he was actually speechless for a few minutes with just the odd giggle of embarrassment at how bad my hair was. He set to work doing his own thing, as he knows not to bother asking me what I want because I never have any ideas...and if I do he just po o h poohs them all anyway. William is always allowed to do as he likes with my hair and I trust him 100% cos he has never made me look silly. The current look is supposedly to help me grow my hair out nicely. I have a small funky fringe which is apparently very "now" (not that I would know.)

From doing my hair I was supposed to go back to the house to drop off the car and then we set out for dinner with some of our friends. However the Friday traffic was riddiculous and it took me 1 hour to get from Bukit Bintang to bukit Ceylon....that is not even 500 metres :( so in the end I just went straight to Bulldog which is an english pub in Sri Hartamas. We met up with Kumaran, Shalini, Mark, Carol and Rahulan for food and a few drinks. Manuel was supposed to come too but he al s o got stuck in friday traffic and so decided he couldn't be bothered trying to battle it again to go for dinner. Which is a shame because the food there is fabulous! Kumaran and Carol ordered bangers and mash which I considered but I was worri e d in case the sausages were cheapo ones and the mash was lumpy. I needn't have worried as it was actually very tasty. I ordered shepherds pie and I waited ages for it. It came some 20 minutes after everyone else...but it was worth waiting for! It was so damn tasty and fresh and I would deffo order it again.

So the couples with babies or baby on the way went home and we also called it an early night. Strange for a Friday night you might say?? Well the reason why is because we have just found out that Fareidoon is coming to KL tomorrow so its going to be a HUGE NIGHT!!!

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