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  Kuala Lumpur  |  09.07.2008

There really hasn't been much to write about over these last few days. We have just been chilling in the house since Manuel was really not well enough to leave. The poor guy seems to be living off toast which is a damn shame with all the good food around. Toda was the first day that he felt well enough to go out and he had to try ad sort out his ticket at the air asia office. Turns out that now is peak time for students to be travelling back to Australia and so there is no available flight for him to take till August 1st!   Oops.... I don't think he was too hapy at staying in Malaysia for so long but we keep trying to convince him that once you get out of the city, malaysia is a beautiful place. I think Manuel feels the same way about KL as I did about Saigon and Yangon. When you have no option to leave a big city (like when I was sick in Yangon or when Lesh's chain broke over Tet in saigon) well I know just how trapped you can feel. I think it will be good for him to get going and see something beautiful of Malaysia.

To today is D Day for Regina as it is the day she leaves for Melbourne. She somehow seemed convinced that her visa would not come through in time and so she could delay things by a week or so...but there was no dodging it! To be honest I can't believe how calm she is considering how last minute she left everything. I went with her to bangsar to do threading at 2pm when she hadn't even packed a single thing and we had to leave for the airport by 7pm!! At the airport she seemed a bit more upbeat and not quite so depressed to be going and I hope that once she actually gets there and sees what a cool place Melbourne is, then she will really start to embrace the fact that these next 3 years are going to be the best days of her life. We are going to miss you Regi.... But we will be over to visit next year once worldwind is finished.   We miss you already and we love you xxx

From the airport I made a quick dash in the car to Sri Hartamas where some of my family were having dinner together. My Uncle Pi, Uncle Man and Aunty Num, together with my cousin Tariq and his girlfriend stayed long enough so that I could join them for coffee. I glad I managed to get there in time as not only have I not seen my uncles since December at our leaving party but I have not seen my Aunty Num for about 20 years!!! It was great to catch up even though it was only for a short time.

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