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  Kuala Lumpur  |  06.07.2008

Both Manuel and Michelle were supposed to leave KL today but it was just Michelle who ended up boarding the plane and leaving. Before we set off for the airprot Lesh took Manuel to the doctors again to get a medical note claiming that he was too sick to fly. When we got to the airport I went with Michelle as she checked in and Lesh went with Manuel. The medical note worked and they issued him with a credit note for the flight out which he has to use within the next 3 months. I must admit I was very surprised at how easy it was for him to postpone the flight. I thought they might be a pain and make him pay all sorts of charges so we were all pleasantly surprised. So even though it was sad to say goodbye to Michelle it was nice to keep Manuel behind!

When we got back to the house Lesh's mum got busy cooking up an absolute storm. Aunty made one of her specialities ...crab curry...YUM! She also made one of my favourite things which is brinjol with cream cheese....we all stuffed ourselves stupid but poor Manuel wasn't allowed to eat the crab because aparently you shouldn't eat shellfish when you have an allergy or skin irritation?!? If you ask me its all a load of baloney and if I was him I would have tucked my ears back. We wolloped all the crab and there is only the quah left which we will mop up with some roti canai for breakfast tomorrow!   God I love malaysian food :)

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