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  Kuala Lumpur  |  05.07.2008

I didn't write an entry yesterday as we had another busy day and night. During the day we took a trip to Seremban to visit Uncle Rajoo and Aunty Jayam. We took Manuel and Michelle with us so they could get out of the city for a while. We had grand plans that while Lesh talked to Uncle I would take Manuel and Michelle for a drive to Malacca. However we only arrived really late in Seremban so there wasn't time for our quick side trip. So we hung out at the house for a while and then went for a great banana leaf lunch at curry leaf.

Last night we planned a night out with all the gang started at where else...? T club! The place has been closed for the last few weeks for refurbishments and although ut doesn't look that different the place does have a different vibe to it. Everything is a little bit posher! But the toilets are still crap! T Club is always our meeting point and it was so wonderful to get there and see everyone just like old times. It felt so good to introduce Manuel and Michelle to our friends and Manuel even said that he felt jealous to see us so happy back with our gang.

From T Club I thought we were going to go into the city to go clubbing but no one seemed up for a big trip into town. So we ended up in TSB. Kumaran seemed to think that TSB is now a happening place to party but it was all a bit of an anti climax as the place was so small and closed at 2.30am. Of course no party with our lot ever finishes at 2.30am so we all went back to Bosco's house just like the good old days! We had Erasure and Human League blaring our of his cd player till 6am when we decided to go for some mamak food then make our way home. Michelle and Manuel saw first hand the Malaysian food scene at 6am and how busy the place was with post clubbers looking for a roti canai and teh tarik! We got back home by 6.30am and by the time we showered and were in bed it was 7am....I told Michelle that nights out in KL ended at around 7am but I don't think she quite believed me!!!

Obviously today was all but written off since we slept in for most of the first half of the day. When we all surfaced we just chilled out but for poor Manuel his foot got a lot worse. Maybe it was because he was up on it all last night but it is really swollen now and he also has developed a nasty rash around his neck. H is supposed to be leaving for Brisbane tomorrow but he doesn't feel we'll enough to travel so he has spent the whole day trying to change his ticket without much luck. I think we will have to take him to the airport tomorrow and get them to change his ticket in person rather than over the phone. We went for a lovely chinese rice and dishes dinner near the house but poor Manuel was feeling so sick that he just went to bed after some toast :( tonight is Michelles last night as she flies back to Bangkok tomorrow. I am not sure she saw much of KL but I hope she had a good time with us....

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