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  Kuala Lumpur  |  03.07.2008

It feels great to be back in Malaysia if not a little weird after being away for 6 months. I keep panicing that Manuel and Michelle are not enjoying themselves, Manuel especially since he has somehow managed to get a big bite on his foot. At first he thought it was just a mozzie bite, then we thought maybe a cockroach bite and now there is even talk that it could be a scorpi o n bite!! He has been to the doctors and got some medication but is so hard for him to squeeze his foot into his shoes never mind then walk in them!

So the 1st was just a chilling out day since we arrived at silly o'clock in the morning.   We introduced Manuel and Michelle to rojak and cendol and the delights of standng up at a street stall and eating your lunch! For dinner I was really hoping for some string hoppers and mutton curry since it was Tuesday but we ended up at Unique seafood - not a bad 2nd choice!! We stuffed ourselves with scottish clams and prawns and fish all washed down with a couple bottles of wine...bliss. After that, even though it was late we went round to Mark and Carols flat to see baby Ethan. He is sooooooooo cute! He has this really funky punky hairstyle and I just wanna punch him in the face he is that cute....

Yesterday I spent the morning with Michelle getting her Burma visa. It was done really quick (same day) with only a little bit of drama when they asked her to get a letter from a temple in brickfields within 1 hour or else she couldn't get the visa that day. It was frantic getting a taxi and getting the letter of recommendation but we did it with 1 minute to spare! It was like something from amazing Race! After that we went to KLCC and met up with the boys and went and did the Petronas Twin Towers tour. From there we met up with Kumaran in Bangsar at a new pub called the George and dragon (or as Lesh called it when trying to remember where we needed to go Dungeons a n d Dragons....) I love this pub cos its an English pub with Speckled Hen on tap....nice!   After that we went for bak kut teh dinner which Manuel and Michelle LOVED!

Tonight we did something special too we went for one of Lesh's friends (from when he grew up in JB) Sangeet which is a wedding function that is traditional for Punjabi weddings. Michelle borrowed one of my punjabi suits and me and Lesh's mum put on a saree while the boys went quite casual. We warmed up on a few g'n'ts and some great food and then the bhangra got going. I could tell that Michelle (who studied dance at university as a minor subject) was itching to dance. I kept saying one more drink, one more drink rather than getting up to dance. Next thing I know, I am asking where is Michelle?? And when we look round for her we can see s he is getting on down with some of the aunties on the dancefloor! I love that Michelle is not shy and will just get on with things! So we went to join her and even Lesh was boogying on down. Manuel was really getting into the whole bhangra thing and even made up a few moves of his own and he gave them very apt names....like the teh tarik move....you can figure that one out I am sure!

I know it wasn't the actual wedding but I am so glad that Manuel and Michelle got to experience the Sangeet. To be honest a sangeet is a lot more fun than the actual wedding! So they went to the right function. I hope they enjoyed it as much as I did.

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