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  Johor Baru MALAYSIA!  |  13.01.2009

We were supposed to set off yesterday for Malaysia but Ahilesh really wasn't well enough so we postponed for 1 day. Plus his parents had arranged to come to JB on tuesday to sort out stuff with their house down here, so we thought we may as well arrange it that we are all there at the same time. It meant that we just had a whole day of recuperation yesterday. We didn't leave the house all day! We just watched dvd's and ate food while Fareidoon was at work and his sister was out shopping!

We were both very excited about leaving this morning and entering Malaysia. As I packed up my bike it felt like it was the last time I would be doing it even though real l y I have 5 more full days of cycling. I think its just because it is the last country we are going to. We took our time leaving since we thought it was so close to the causeway...we didn't quite realise we would have 40kms to do today a lot of which would be uphill! Ahilesh had consulted Google maps and had planned the route which consisted of going on 2 of the Singapore expressways....if they would let us. I was panicing at first since it was so busy but in actual fact it was ok since it was Singapore and everything is so damn organised in singapore!

When we got to the causeway area Ahilesh wanted to stop and get a McDonalds pancake and sausage breakfast. He seemed to remember that the sausage was delicious and pork but when I tasted it I had to break it to him that somewhere down the line they had changed it to chicken sausage which made the whole thing suddenly not as appealing to him. Because we had stopped off to eat at McDonalds it meant that we had to do a massive 5km detour to join back to the highway since we went via the motorbike lane rather than the car exit. It was a big pain and it delayed us by 30 minutes since it was all uphill! We exited easily though Singapore immigration and made our way across the causeway bridge. Of course Ahiles h wanted to stop and take a picture which stressed me out since it says no stopping...and deffo not to take pictures! Once on Malaysian soil we had to travel quite far past the old immigration point to the new hi tech immigration building. It was like cycling on an F1 circuit as we went quickly throug the chicanes on the old buildings! Immigration in JB was quick and easy and suddenly we were out and cycling the Malaysian traffic. The fast motorbikes don't care to give you time and space and the impatient cars who whizz by...welcome back!

Now since Ahilesh is from JB and has spent 16 years growing here I presumed he knew where he was going...which was a mistake! I could tell after a while by his body language that we were not where we needed to be and I couldn't beliee it when he said that he thouht we stil had about 30 minutes of cycling to go :( after a while we reach a very busy main road and Ahilesh perked up and said he knew which way to go. Only problem was that it was a duel carriage way and joining it would mean a time consuming detour. The answer then was to cross the busy dual carriage way and cross over to the other side. This was really stressful since the road was so busy and it took us a good 10 minutes to both cross. Once we did it was just a short 5 minute ride and we made it to the house where Ahilesh grew up. I think it was really emotional for him to be cycling to hi old home. He kept saying "I'm home babe!" which was so sweet. As we cycled down the road we saw that his mum and dad were out waiting for us t arrive and it was such a lovely welcome back.

We took a quick shower and went out for a scrummy lunch of rice and dishes at a local chinese shop that does this really delicious fried fish dish. Uncle was supposed to go and do some work but since the traffic was bad due to the rain he decided it would be better if he did the "Kat thing" and stayed off with us. So we stayed in and we taught them how to play Yaniv which they really enjoyed.
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