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  FAREWELL PARTY  |  19.12.2007

Oh dear, this is all starting to feel a bit real now... A party was organised for closest friends and family so we can say our cheerio's and goodbyes. Aunty Laila ( A.L. aka Lesh's mum) went to a lot of trouble organising a shamiyana (that would be a tent, canopy, gazeebo to us ordinary folk) and the yummy caterers prepared my favourite iddyappam and sothi (Kalyani's favourite!) So many of our closest loved ones made a big effort to come over to wish us good luck. I'd especially like to thank my 2 uncles, Uncle Man and Uncle Pi and both their families who made their way to USJ at very short notice. Thanks Uncle Pi for persevering with the dodgy directions and thanks to Uncle Man for squeezing 11 people in his car and taking my family back to their hotel!!!

There were many wonderful surprises during the night. Firstly the fantastic banner that Vicky and his team at Creative Tomato worked on. Lesh did well to keep that a surprise from me and it looked fantastic. Also the superb cake that A.L. organised...that was a surprise for BOTH of us and it went brilliantly with the impromptu rendition of "happy cycling" as started by Mark and Kumaran (who else!)

It was SUPPOSED to be an early night since we still hadn't packed...but with friends like ours I suppose 4am is early...!

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