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  Ayer Hitam   |  14.01.2009

We had grand plans to leave early this morning but since both of us still felt sick it took us a while to get into gear. We left the house at 8.30am but it was 9am by the time we had eaten our nasi lemak and the sun was hot hot hot. We have spent so many weeks in the cold northern weather that we had forgotten just how hot it can get by the equator...and boy did we pay for it.

The first 16kms were torture as it was all busy highway out of the city. I thought it was never going to end and it was really not a nice ride. Finally we tuned off the highway onto Road 1 which is the old road to KL and the traffic got a bit better. It wasn't the ride through the Kampungs like I had envisaged but it was a lot better than the highway. After a while we stopped at a road side shop for a drink and a cool down. As we got off the bikes a man on a motorbike also got off and came over to speak to us. He was intrigued by the bikes and was asking ahilesh lots of questions. After chatting for a while he insisted on buying our drinks for us which was a lovely gesture and it made us so happy that Malaysian hospitality was up there with the best in the region.

It was quite tough going the ride as the road is not flat (contrary to what Ahilesh's dad says!) it is a bit of a roller coaster of a ride and in the mega intensive heat and when you are sick it was tough. So we had intended on going to Yong Peng but we settled on Ayer Hitam which was still a 90kms day. Those final 16kms were just too much for me. The thing is Ayer Hitam does not have a decent range of places to stay. All along the way we saw nice looking guesthouses which made me hopeful for tonight but of course the place we want to stay only has one hotel and its a dump! To add insult to injury its a expensive dump! 50rm and it doesn't even have a toilet. There is a showe...and a sink but someone forgot the toilet?!? By that time though I was jiggered and so we just took it. I showered and was about to fall asleep when I realised I should really eat. So we went to some stalls and wholloped some satay and some kway teow and then we fell asleep at 8pm!

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