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  Woolly Rhino - Phnom Penh  

We knew prices would be higher in the city. After 80kms riding I just needed to flop so as long as there was no livestock in the room I would have said yes. I am sure there are better value places if we had had the time and energy to look around...but I had neither.

  • Location: 4/5 - just a bit out from the main hubbub of the city...but still on the waterfront so great sunrise views over the Tonlè Sap
  • Cleanliness: 3/5 - ok. They change the towels everyday and the bar area is nice.
  • Room: 2/5 - very basic for the price compared to what we have been paying - but that is city prices for you. Toilet is tiny and I have trouble getting in and out and closing the door. No bed cover was given - but we managed to steal a sheet from the dry washing that was hanging out! There was a funny must smell - but they brought some air fresher to mask the smell. Smells quite nice even though it is "madam" flavors?!?
  • Food: no food served but so much choice just a walk away.
    Service: 4/5 - friendly people here. Accommodating with the bikes which live in the bar!
  • Price: 2/5 - $7 for a small room with a fan that you cannot adjust the direction on...also there are 3 flights of killer stairs that kill an aching pair of legs...but good for keeping fit on!