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  Mifuki Hotel - Saigon  
05.02.2008 - BOYCOTT THIS HOTEL. Besides having an unfortunate name, this hotel had the unfortunate pleasure of peeving me off - so I am going to tell you why this is the WORST hotel I have EVER stayed in.
  • Location: 1/5 - Neither in the heart of backpacker land where all the bars and restaurants are, nor in the posh part of town where all the shops and more restaurants and bars are...this place is plonked in the middle so you have to walk or take expensive taxi's everywhere

  • Cleanliness: 1/5 was clean when we arrived but the maid service was terrible. Toilet roll was not replaced and used cups were left and no cleaned up. Strange smell lingered in the room

  • Room: 1/5 - small in size, cramped with 2 small beds. The feeling of claustrophobia is made worse because you cannot open the windows on a strange smelling room. One of the cups given with the tea service had a hole in it so when I poured boiling water into it it just fell out onto the carpet, luckily missing my legs.

  • Food: 0/5 - breakfast was terrible. The cooked food had been sat there for so long it was congealed already. The pastries looked nice but once the last ones had been eaten they never replaced them. In the end Lesh cooked our scrambled eggs himself as they went to pour half a litre of oil in the pan to cook the eggs.

  • Service: -5/5 - APPAULING SERVICE. I was already disappointed with the Mifuki Hotel due to the above but the level of service we received is what makes this THE WORST HOTEL I HAVE EVER STAYED IN. When we checked in we gave 3 passports as we always intended to be 3 in a room. We let Koos and Ilona leave their bags in our room before they left for the airport rather than carrying them around all day. Reception called the room and asked us to leave the room as we were only allowed to receive guests in the lobby not in our room. They were being funny about us letting them keep their bags there. In the evening we said goodbye to Koos and Ilona and went upstairs to the room and stayed there all night. At 11pm a call came in from reception asking when our guest was going to leave?? We said no one was leaving and then all hell broke loose. They said we could not have 3 people in the room. We could not see why not - but we said ok we would pay for the extra person supplement. On their website it says it is $10 for an extra person. They said they could not allow this and that we would either have to take another room or leave. They had waited until 11PM before deciding to kick us out into the streets. There was no talking to them. No negotiating that we could stay there till morning rather than roaming a strange city at midnight. They said they were "worried in case the police checked in on us" - why the police would do that I have no idea?? We asked to speak to the manager and she point blank refused to call him, or have him call us. In the end she sent security round to the room to evict us at 11:30pm. Never in my life have I ever received such terrible customer service. To even consider throwing 2 women out onto the streets of Saigon at nearly midnight is disgusting. Having paid up front for the room there was no way of receiving a refund so we took another room for one night and moved out the next day. It was against my principles as I didn't want to be anywhere near these disgusting people. Their manner was just one of take the money and to hell with customer satisfaction.

  • Price: 0/5 - $110 a night...all that money for this kind of service. I do not know how they stay in business. There are HUNDREDS of other hotels in Saigon to choose from - some cheaper some more expensive....I just know that $110 is a LOT of money for this kind of service together with the below standard room. Even when we stayed in a $3 the people were friendly and helpful they charge top dollar for way below service. I would NEVER recommend this hotel to anyone...I would recommend you STAY AWAY AND CHOSE SOMEWHERE ELSE.